Rantasipi 1

  • Beach cottage, ca 5m from the sea.
  • Private beach, rocky beach, with jetty, sandy bottom. Ca 20m to the cottage village´s beach.
  • Row boat
  • Livingroom-kitchen with bedsofa for 2
  • Loft with 2 beds (quite steep stairs to the loft)
  • Bathroom
  • Sauna (electric)
  • Saunaporch on the seaside. Table and chairs.
  • Amenities: electric light, electric stove, refridgerator and freezer, dishes and cutlery, kitchen utensils, electric heating, cold and hot tapwater, shower, indoor toilet, micro-oven, coffeemaker, electric water kettle,  TV, radio, cast iron stove, outside charcoal/wood grill. Firewood in woodshed and on the beach.
  • Wheelchair ramp to front door and toilet for disabled.

Inquiries: jennyjoha@gmail.com, +358442941760

Rantasipi 1 2+2 persons 44m²